To succeed in trading, you need to have a mindset of excellence. A state of mind, ready to manage your emotions during the uptrend and the downtrend of the market. To be successful, you need to follow rules that can make you a successful and consistent trader.
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  • Powerful Mindset For Traders
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    Successful Trading Requires Mastery Of Emotions. This Hypnosis Recording is for those who want to..
    Instructor: Andreas Dorn
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  • When I was driving home today, I started worrying about my positions. I had an audiobook on trading running in the background. They talked about anxiety in trading. One of the suggested solution was meditation, which I do after I purchased Andreas' and Najwa's trading success reflection. I found Andreas' and Najwa's trading success reflection very helpful in clearing the mind and decreasing the anxiety before putting on my trades! Highly recommended recording.
    Rossina Lim