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Build Deep Rapport With Anyone

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Feel Good About Yourself

Feel Good About The Results You Are Achieving, Applying What You Know

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Learn Different Rapport Building Approaches

 Feel Confident To Use These Skills In The Real World 

Communicate With Impact

Deepen The Feeling Of Rapport And Trust Of The Other Party

Create Instant Influence

Be Able To Influence Other People Easily And Become Flexible In Your Communications Style







This is one of the most engaging interactive courses I have ever taken. The tips (and exercises) are awesome and the instructor made the information in bite size pieces. Lots of great ideas, didn't even seem like and hour and a half. FOLLOWUP to course: In the first week I put 'mirroring' into place at one meeting I had and gained two clients from it. The next piece I tried what analyzing the eye movement, this was fun to do, because I did it in more of a social setting! Great way to find out if people are telling stories or not! LOL POINT is: felt weird at first but it really is quite natural.

Guy Harshman


Rapport - everybody believes they know how to build instant connections and deep rapport with other people.  But it is not always easy, right? 

But there is a neurological process behind building rapport that allows you to build rapport even deeper and more intensively, and according to your liking. So you can build rapport easily and effortlessly.

Why do you need to learn to build rapport?

The ability to build rapport is useful, if you:

  • feel awkward in social situations, but want to be the spotlight of the event,
  • grave for ways to make other people like you from the beginning 
  • are interested to ace your interview,
  • want to connect with others at the networking event,
  • want succeed at the sales.
  • Some might want to be able to build rapport simply at the party, or the evening out and have an easier time to talk and connect with the the opposite sex.


This course on building rapport in 10 seconds or less shares with you various ways on how to build intense relationships and deep rapport with anyone around you. It utilizes material from Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), but goes beyond NLP. 

It also includes material from newest neurological research, behavioural science and the science of influence and persuasion.  

You will learn the methodologies and tools to build rapport easily. 

When I created the course, I had lots of fun driven by the desire to make it fun for you too. So you will share with me the laughters and the smiles, but nevertheless, it is about you, and assisting you, to become the person that you want to be. 

Someone who is liked by others, the moment they meet you.  Anywhere. Anytime. 

For Whom Is This Course

  • This course is for you if you feel awkward in connecting with other people
  • This course is for you if you believe that an instant connection with others can accelerate your success
  • This course is for you if you want to learn rapport-building skills that go beyond traditional tools
  • This course is for you if you want to make yourself a more attractive communicator and enhance your communication
  • This course is for you if you are dealing with other people and want to influence them powerfully
  • This course is for you if you are ready to get ahead in life through better communication with others
  • This course is for you if you are sick and tired of getting rejected by other people


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About Me, Your Instructor

Outcomes Of This Course

Module 1: Why Do We Need To Build Rapport?

Module 3: First Impressions Count - 1

Module 4: First Impressions Count - 2

Module 5: Your Conscious and Your Unconscious Mind on Rapport

Module 6: Training Video 1

Module 7: Matching and Mirroring. A Live Demonstration

Module 8: Demonstration Part 2

Module 9 - Deciphering the Demonstration

Module 10: Mirror Neurons

Module 11: The Eye Accessing Cues 1

Module 12: The Eye Accessing Cues - 2

Module 13: Eye Accessing Cues - The Visual Person

Module 14: Eye Accessing Cues. The Kinesthetic, Auditory and Auditory Digital Person

Module 15: Characteristics of the Visual Person

Module 16: Characteristics of the Auditory Person

Module 17: Characteristics of the Kinesthetic Person

Module 18: Characteristics of the Auditory Digital Person

Module 19: Summary of the Eye Accessing Cues

Module 20: Predicates and their Relation to Eye Accessing Cues

Module 21: After the Predicates

Module 22: The Power of Intention

Module 23: The Magic of the Eyebrows

About The Instructor

My name is Andreas and I am passionate about personal change and development, and influence. 

To this effect, I became a Certified NLP Trainer, of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy and a Master Trainer of the Language and Behaviour Profile "Words That Change Minds." 

These certifications don't matter right now, because it is important to me that you succeed.

If you have a great product or service, you deserve to learn how to build rapport in ways that actually go beyond NLP but utilise new neurological research. Join now and I am grateful to see you inside the membership site and learn how to build rapport in below 10 seconds. 

Andreas Dorn

Frequently Ask Question

Your data are safe. And will always be protected. 

Aside of an internet connection, and reasonable speed, you don't need to bring along anything but curiosity and the willingness to learn.

No. The principles I teach you are simple yet powerful. As long as you are willing to participate, you will be fine. Oh yes, bring along some fun as well!

Many factors determine success, and how do you know you will be successful? 

Can a course alone make you successful? Possibly not, and I cannot promise you success. But I do know that this course has been put together with the intention to make it easier for you to build instant and rewarding relationships.

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Because this is what you learn here. 

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