Learn The Language Of Influence 

"Words That Change Minds"

Applied NLP, At Its Best!!

Know, How People Get Motivated, How They Process Information And How They Make Decisions 

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Some Of The Content That Will Be Covered

Learn The 6 Motivation Triggers 

How do you need to speak and how do you need to present your suggestions so that they get excited about your ideas


Learn The 8 Working Traits

They describe how people process information, stress they can get exposed to, their ideal environment required to stay productive, and how they get convinced


How Much Change Can Someone Tolerate

Everybody talks about change and how important change is. But how do you know, someone can cope with change before they "lose it?"


Are They Leaders Or Teamplayers

Companies want teams but some people just thrive more by working alone. You can identify the ideal workspace for anyone, now


Create The Ideal Workspace

Environments influence us. How do you know which environments you need to be the most productive?


Manage Resistant People

Subtly open the mind of even the most resistant mind to have the person listen to your suggestions


Attract The Right Person

Hire people with the right attitude that fit into your culture and compliment your overall structure


Shorten The Sales Cycle

Know when to get back to your customers and clients to propose new products and improved features 


Motivate Groups of Any Size

No matter where you are and to whom you speak, you will know how to motivate and engage your listeners


Simplify Your Coaching And Counseling

It's an easy way to pinpoint change required at the mindset level to create real and lasting change

Main Course Objective & Introduction

Influence Others At Below Conscious Level Through A Methodology Of Applied NLP

People seem complex at times and it sometimes feels like it is hard to communicate with them. Knowing how to make sense of people can seem overwhelming. We talk to them and they shoot the best advice down. We argue our case and, still, we are not getting through to them. This kind of miscommunication costs money, can cause conflict, drains energy, and basically is a waste of time.


But then, sometimes we see people who are able to influence and persuade easily. It seems like magic and they seem to have the amazing ability to connect with anybody without any effort, give them feedback and achieve results.


They seem to have found a way of translating what they see and hear into a structure of what makes the other party tick. Through this, they gain credibility and influence a wider range of people more quickly.


Simply speaking, they have learned the Language and Behaviour Profile "Words That Change Minds."

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Master Trainer Of The Language And Behaviour Profile

"Words That Change Minds"

My name is Andreas and I am passionate about personal change and development, and influence. 


To this effect, I became a Certified NLP Trainer, of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy and a Master Trainer of the Language and Behaviour Profile "Words That Change Minds." 

These certifications don't matter right now, because it is important to me that you succeed.


I believe you have experienced conflict, arguments, different opinions. Or simply, someone didn't understand you, and did't buy into your idea. 


It's all about communication. How would you need to speak so that they get your point of view.


How much better would you feel? And this is what this course is all about. 


I am looking forward to sharing with you ways to understand other people's mindset, and how you would need to speak, so that they finally totally understand you.


Join now and I look forward to seeing you inside the membership site and to hear about your successes.


Gratefully Yours,


Andreas Dorn


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See What some of the other participants have to say.

This online course was short and simple and straight to the point (if you think, a couple of hours is short, that is!). Andreas provides clear explanations, it is easy to understand with clear expectations, and this online version suits my time and hectic schedule. But most important of all, I get to replay parts I may missed earlier. I highly recommend this course to everyone that wants to not only learn how to understand himself or herself, but influence others easily.

Edward Liong

The LAB profile module was really Awesome!. I love that the module was compact, straight to the point, & very practical. The presentation was assisted with extra explanation & live demonstration, and this made it much easier to understand. Real live example made it easier to relate too. Also, the course is getting updated regularly with additional material. I highly recommend this course for people who are genuinely wants to connect with people ( also people who are in management, leadership, sales & parental role) . Its value for money! Dont wait! Just sign up! & see the improvement in your influencing skills.

Justin Gerard


Contents Of Your Course

A 2 Days Training. Over 6 Hours Of Course Material. 25 Modules. eBooks, Additional Resources and Downloadable Material. All Ready For You To Access Now

LAB Profile 1 - Introduction To The Training
LAB Profile 2 - Your Conscious and Unconscious Mind
LAB Profile 3a - The Importance of Context and Conducting The Exercises
LAB Profile 3b - The Importance of Context and Conducting The Exercises - Additional Information
LAB Profile 4 - Values and Criteria - Part 1
LAB Profile 5 - Values and Criteria Part 2.mp4
LAB Profile 6 - Understanding Motivation, Part 1
LAB Profile 7 - Understanding Motivation, Part 2
LAB Profile 8 - The Power Of Beliefs In The Influencing Situation, Part 1
LAB Profile 9 - The Power Of Beliefs In The Influencing Situation, Part 2
LAB Profile 10 - Approach To Tasks And Situations And Their Impact On Motivation, Part 1
LAB Profile 11 - Approach To Tasks and Situations And Their Impact On Motivation Part 2
LAB Profile 12 - Approaches to Change, Part 1
LAB Profile 13 - Approaches To Change, Part 2
LAB Profile 14 - Taking Initiatives, Proactive - Reactive
LAB Profile 15 - Summary of The Motivation Traits

LAB Profile Bonus 2 - Change Indicator

LAB Profile Bonus 3 - Guess And Test

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Our Students Appreciate The Power And Ease Of Learning.

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Our Students Appreciate The Power And Ease Of Learning.


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Some general information about this course.

Aside of an internet connection, and reasonable speed, you don't need to bring along anything but curiosity and the willingness to learn.


No. The principles I teach you are simple yet powerful. As long as you are willing to participate, you will be fine. Oh yes, bring along some fun as well!

Many factors determine success, and how do you know you will be successful? 

Can a course alone make you successful? Possibly not, and I cannot promise you success. But I do know that this course has been put together with the intention to make it easier for you to build instant and rewarding relationships.

You can download PDF resources and other material in the course.  You can not download the actual video module for the simple reason that the course has been developed to give you the greatest experience, when you watch it online. 


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