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Use NLP To Overcome Objections In Sale.

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What You Will Learn

  • 14 Ways To Bust Objections

  • Get To Yes Easily

  • Create Massive Influence

  • Stay In Rapport

  • Learn Power Words

  • Make Your Sales Easier

  • Know When To Close The Sale

  • Irresistibly Close The Deal

  • Reframe Limiting Beliefs 

  • Attract Success

What Will You Learn

Are you frustrated that people don't listen to you, reject your ideas or your offer? Are you sick and tired of being rejected by potential clients?

Do you want to become a real master in busting any objection that people put forward?

Than this course is for you.

It is for:

  • The person who is fed up in hearing "no" to their ideas, suggestions or proposals
  • The sales person who wants to close more deals
  • The entrepreneur and negotiator who needs to be successful in high-stake deals

It is my intention for you to become a masterful persuader in the sales situation. This happens, when you finish the course and apply the learning.

But you must finish it, otherwise, you won't realise the impact and won't get the results!

Because this course provides you with 14 patterns that you can use in any sales situation. Additionally, it gives you the words and language patterns that makes you an outstanding connector.

And it is only slightly more than 35 minutes in contents, which means, the learning is compact, straight to the point without waffling.  Together with your own personal WorkShop Manual, that is a bargain!

All of this has been derived from NLP, or Neuro Linguistic Programming. The methodology is called Sleight of Mouth, and it is a tool that allows you to shift people's mindset easily!

And only after you went through it all, can you realise its beauty!

You will see at the example "You are too expensive, we cannot afford it", how easy it is to shift beliefs and mindsets.

But the course doesn't stop there.

In the end of the course, you get a clear summary on how to apply all of the learning to your real life through more examples and a practical formula.

Furthermore, you receive your own WorkShop Book that gives you the overview and detailed explanation of the process to ease you into your learning and its applications.

When you complete the course, you will be someone, who takes on any objection or rejection with ease, and is able to break through any resistance, and obstacle while deepening rapport.

If you are interested in increasing your influence, and your persuasive skill and add on to your current success, you must take this course now.

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Curriculum For This Course

Course Description & Structure
About Me
About Your Course Manual
The Mindset of the other Party
Pattern Introduction
Hierarchy of Criteria
Another Outcome
Chunk Down
Chunk Up
Change Frame Size
Reality Strategy
Model Of The World
Meta Frame
Apply To Self
Counter Example
Bonus 2: The Origin Of Miscommunication
Bonus 1: What Is NLP
Agreement Frame
Pacing and Leading
Magic Words
A Formula For Application
Demonstrating The Patterns
Completing the Training

Frequently Ask Question

Many factors determine success, and how do you know you will be successful? 

Can a course alone make you successful? Possibly not, and I cannot promise you success. But I do know that this course has been put together with the intention to make it easier for you to master objections linguistically, and bust through objections powerfully.

No. You don't need to know NLP to apply this material. Of course, I hope that you get more interested in NLP as you take this course, haha. You see, NLP contains many tools to master language, and this is just one part. But what you are learning is a great way to master objections, to get to a Yes.

As long as the internet exists, this course will be yours. You cannot download it, and you don't want to, because i am planning to update it regularly. 

But you can always come back, retake and participate in the course. 

About Your Instructor

My name is Andreas and I am passionate about personal change and development, and influence. 

To this effect, I became a Certified NLP Trainer, of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy and a Master Trainer of the Language and Behaviour Profile "Words That Change Minds." 

These certifications don't matter right now, because it is important to me that you succeed.

If you have a great product or service, you deserve to learn the language patterns in this course, to create your life.  And I am grateful to see you inside the membership site and learn these patterns now. 

Andreas Dorn

Getting To Yes

Use Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) To Overcome Objections In Sale.

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Arguments, Limiting Beliefs and Objections Can Be Reframed. 

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